Weird Things About Bathrooms in Other Countries you Didn’t Know

Germany wants men to take one for the team

Germany is in the middle of a heated political debate. The battle lines have been drawn: You’re either on the side of stehpinklers or sitzpinklers. The issue is tearing households apart as they try to answer the question of whether men should stand up or sit down to pee. If you are a guy not from Germany, you might find the idea of sitting to pee ridiculous. But the Huns have been really trying to get men to embrace it. According to the Atlantic, campaigners point out how sitting leads to cleaner bathrooms and therefore less work for people who have to clean those areas.

In a men’s room in Germany, you might find a sign saying, “Here one pees sitting down.” Or if the place is more aggressive, when you lift the seat you might hear the voice of a former chancellor saying, “Hey, stand-peeing is not allowed here and will be punished with fines, so if you don’t want any trouble, you’d best sit down.”

Some men are proud to embrace the future (one academic wrote a whole book on why sitting was the way forward), while others label sitzpinklers “wimps” and fight back on talk shows, in cartoons, and editorials. One man took his landlord to court when his security deposit was partially withheld because his pee had damaged the bathroom floor. The stehpinkler won his case, but the judge did call standing to pee a “previously dominant custom,” so the sit-down campaign may be winning the war.

Sweden is a pay-to-pee country

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