Weird Things About Bathrooms in Other Countries you Didn’t Know

It’s normal to conserve your use there, not freely grabbing as much as you want like you might in America. One man encountered two-ply and immediately separated it, so the house would have twice the amount. When butt tissue is available, at best it is “grey and brittle,” while the cheapest kind is made of reused products and you can “still see recycled candy wrappers etched into it.” While people will stockpile supplies at home when they can, if you’re out and about it’s best to just assume there won’t be any available in a public bathroom. That’s why at least one travel site recommends you bring your own.

Paris is trying to curb men’s lazy peeing

Paris, like basically every big city in the world, has a problem with men just peeing wherever they want. Since it’s so easy for guys to relieve themselves, many don’t bother looking for a bathroom. This makes the city dirty and smelly and, according to the New York Times, results in millions in damage and cleaning costs. So the local government decided to do something about it.

When a $75 fine for public urination and 2,000 officers specifically trying to stop it didn’t work, officials called in a design firm. Their task was to make a urinal. What they came up with was a very small, minimalist red box called a Uritrottoir, which was also eco-friendly. The idea was that men would pee into them (although they’re so small they don’t really hide anything) and the urine would soak straw or wood chips. No water would be used. A computer would say when the urinal was full, and the straw would be emptied by a “urine attendant.” Then it would be taken to the outskirts of Paris and turned into compost. The boxes could even grow their own flowers on top, thanks to the pee.

But while one of Paris’ mayors called the Uritrottoirs “an invention of genius,” Time says the urinals met controversy. Some residents were mad the bright red boxes ruined the look of historic places, like the one outside Notre Dame. Others argued adding toilets only men could use was sexist.

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