Weird Things About Bathrooms in Other Countries you Didn’t Know

As the children’s book tells us, everybody poops. Going to the bathroom is something everyone has had to do since humanity existed. For a very long time this meant going pretty much wherever. Of course, this resulted in lots of super-not-fun diseases and horrible deaths, because human waste should not be hanging around food and water. Eventually, we created sewage systems and plumbing and toilets. It could be argued that one of humanity’s greatest achievements was going from pooping in the corner of a cave to the lovely bathrooms we have now.

But even though everyone has to go, that doesn’t mean we all do it the same way. Different countries have different etiquette for bathroom time and expect different things when they need one. If you’ve traveled, you have probably experienced this bathroom shock. Some countries are more technological, some are creative, and some throw in complications you never would have expected when you just need to pee.

Cuba is a toilet paper dystopia

The way Cuba’s Communist government works unfortunately means there are often shortages of basic goods. And while vital things like food are the most concerning to run out of, residents are also not thrilled about the constant lack of toilet paper.

People who live in Cuba have written on their blogs and major news sites that whenever they go abroad they stuff their suitcases with toilet paper before the return trip. One woman said that since she moved to the island, she had become “obsessed with toilet paper.” Cuba can go weeks at a time with a shortage or complete lack of toilet paper on store shelves. While this is a “chronic” issue, the Havana Times noted that 2014 was an especially bad year and angry citizens started demanding answers from the government about when they could wipe again.

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