The 10 Weirdest Things About The Solar System

All of the planets in the Solar System have their axis of rotation more-or-less pointing up except Uranus. Uranus has a strange axis of rotation, with a tilt of 98 degrees. This means that days on Uranus last almost as long as seasons, with either the North or the South Pole always pointed towards the Sun. Some scientists believe that Uranus’ tilt can be attributed to a cosmic hit and run. Other scientists explain it as a result of the transfer of momentum due to the gravitational influence of Saturn and Jupiter.

10.The Solar System is bigger than you think

So, as we’ve learned, the atmosphere of the Sun extends beyond Pluto, but you might be surprised to discover that this isn’t where the Solar System ends. If the Solar System is imagined as the size of our body, then the Sun would be the size of  a single white-blood cell. Mercury is only 0.39 astronomical units from the Sun, while Jupiter orbits at a distance of 5.5 astronomical units. Pluto is way out there at 39.2 astronomical units. That’s the equivalent of 5.9 billion kilometers. In the furthest reaches of the Solar System is the Oort Cloud, a theorized cloud of icy objects that might orbit the Sun at a distance of 100,000 astronomical units – roughly 1.87 light-years away. The Oort cloud marks the boundary of our own ‘solar’ neighborhood.

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