The 10 Weirdest Things About The Solar System

This liquid ocean would be so vast that the total volume might be larger than all of the Earth’s freshwater reserves. Scientists widely speculate about the possibility of finding life in such an environment, since all of the known organic life on Earth require two things, water and heat, both of which are readily available near Ceres’ core.

8. Pluto moon Charon


Although Pluto enjoyed the status of being a planet for almost 75 years, very little is known about it. Pluto’s orbit is so huge that it still hasn’t completed a single revolution around the Sun since being discovered in 1930. Still more interesting is that it has five satellites, the largest of which is Charon. Scientists were surprised to discover, in 1978, a moon with almost half as large a diameter as its parent planet. Charon is quite huge, as far as moons are concerned. Its gravitational influence is such that the center of its orbit around Pluto lies outside Pluto itself!

9. Uranus rotates on its side

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