The 10 Weirdest Things About The Solar System

The solar system is our home, but that doesn’t mean we know it as well as we should. There are numerous questions concerning the celestial bodies that spend their lifetimes revolving around the Sun. However, some facts are simply astonishing! To get the most bang for our galactic buck, let’s try to boil the list down to the 10 weirdest truths about our celestial neighborhood.

1. Saturn hexagon

This is something truly extraordinary, as we all know that nature prefers shapes that maximize symmetry, like spheres. However, this natural persistent phenomenon manifests itself in the form of a hexagon around Saturn’s North Pole. It was first discovered by the Voyager space probes in 1981. Since then, Saturn has become more illuminated by sunlight, enabling us to capture it in more detail. Scientists explain the hexagon as a result of the atmosphere creating a vortex due to the turbulent nature of Saturn’s wind pattern. However, polygon formation has not been observed on Jupiter, nor on Saturn’s South Pole.

2. We live inside the Sun

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