8 Weird Things Everyone Should Try Once While They’re Young

There sure is a lot of advice out there suggesting things to do while you’re young. We’ve all heard the usuals like “read 100 books,” or “travel as much as you can,” or “date different people.” But what about the¬†weird things you should do while you’re young? The fun and wild things your youthfulness allows you to get away with?

There truly are many interesting and odd situations you can find yourself in when you’re young. And knowing that you can blame any mistakes or mishaps on your youthfulness really is something to take advantage of (within reason, of course.) But more importantly, these bizarre experiences play just as much of a role in making you a well-rounded adult as the more traditional suggestions.

After all, making mistakes and just “doing you” is an important part of the process in gaining self-confidence, knowing how to handle yourself, and figuring out what it is you want out of life. And while it’s possible to work on yourself and take chances during any stage of life, it’s much easier to do so before you start a family, get really into your career, or buy a house. That’s why everyone suggests living it up in your 20s and doing as much as you “while you’re young.”

If you want to throw caution to wind, now’s the time to do it. Check out this list for a wilder take on the things you should do while you’re young.

1. Experiment With Your Style

Many of us find a style and settle into it for decades at a time. And while it’s great to know yourself to the point of sticking with a certain look, it’s also¬†really fun to switch things up just for the thrill of it. I recently discovered this when chopping all my hair off for the first time in five years (why didn’t I do it sooner!?). Now I’m all about change, so if you’ve never had colored hair, I say give it a go. And if you’ve been lusting after an eye brow piercing, by all means go get it done. The experience of drastically changing your look is definitely something to take advantage of while you’re young.

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