Graphic Design for Absolute Beginners

Why you need to join a Design Community?

  • Connect and Socialize with other designers with the same interest.
  • Develop skills and experience while sharing your design skills and knowledge with others.
  • Being Active makes your name known. Which is good because you are marketing yourself for free by just participating and showcasing your designs.
  • Probably you’ll Meet your first Client. 🙂

Some designers create things to show you what they did. I design things to tell you what I solved.
– Brian Yerkes

Join Design Contest

During the time I was in college I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in a design contest in school where top designers from each class were required to join. After that I asked my self, “are there design contests on the web?” and gladly there are. I found out from my friend on deviantART. During that time, I was on the stage and I have already showcased tons of my designs but still I haven’t got any client and I wanted some cash from all of my hard work. For me, the best solution that time was to join a design contest.

So how do Design Contests work?

Buyers or contest holders run a design contest based on a category like web, print, or logo. Everyone can participate on the design contest and can win.

Note when joining  a contest:

  • Take this as your first client and meet their needs.
  • Give your client at least 2-3 design alternatives.
  • Show some interest and talk to client on the feedback section.

By doing so, you are letting your client think that you are really interested and he/she will probably choose your work. Then you will be rewarded with a pot of dollars.

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