Graphic Design for Absolute Beginners

Graphic design for beginners is dedicated to all beginners who wants to become a better graphic designer or web designer. We all start learning on our own by reading tutorials around the web. We search things that we like to learn, such as a button effect tutorial, typography, web layouts, illustration, and a lot more.

Along the way we end up hopeless, thinking that we can’t be as good as already established designers and then just stop there. Have you been there? I’ve been at that point. And I’m telling you, don’t look down on your skills because every person who strives hard will eventually reach success.

Graphic design for beginners – Be Curious of The Things That You Cannot Do

As mentioned above this is dedicated to all of you, who are just starting out. However also others that are already steady in the business can find some interesting stuff. Everyone starts at the bottom and everyone can shine if they strive to improve. Let’s roll!

So you were probably searching the web and came across a great and well-designed website and you were like, “oh, wow! What a lovely design!” Then you probably asked your self these questions:

  1. How did they do these buttons, the shadow effect and 3D effect?
  2. What color scheme did they use?
  3. What is the actual width of the website?

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.
– Pablo Picasso

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