UFO Mysteries: These Sightings Have Never Been Solved

After a few minutes, a group of three similar objects followed the same flight path. Three minutes later, two more objects flew along that same route. The objects gave off no sound and seemed to glow from atmospheric heating, the man reported. He and his family attempted to record the objects using their iPhones, though the grainy, dark video was difficult to decipher, he said.

“They moved much faster than orbital satellites (International Space Station, for example) or airplanes, but much slower than meteors and did not change brightness as a meteor would upon entering the atmosphere,” the man said in his call. “I have no explanation for what we saw.”

Lights over Mount Shasta

Another report from the NUFORC came from an airline captain who was flying between Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon, when he noticed glowing blue lights over Mount Shasta in California that appeared much brighter than the stars typically do in the area. “The two lights were approximately an inch apart in the windscreen and the size of normal stars,” the captain noted in a report. Then, “one of the ‘stars’ just dimmed out over about a 10-second time span followed by the other one dimming out completely in about 10 seconds also.”

The lights were stationary, so they were not falling stars or satellites, he said.  “We were flying in crystal-clear skies and were not flying though any clouds whatsoever. These two lights were not following the typical west-to-east orbital path as most satellites do and were just sitting there kind of like ships hiding in plain sight,” the captain reported to the NUFORC.

The lights also appeared to be far above the level of the plane, which was flying at 38,000 feet (11,580 m).

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