11 UFO Photos Unearthed From the Air Force’s Vaults

The Kecksburg Craft?

In December 1965, the good people of Kecksburg, PA, saw something crash into the woods. The military claims they found nothing. The object, seen in this photograph, was spotted across five states. Some believe it to be a piece of re-entering space debris … if it was anything at all. Or maybe it was just the Nazis. NASA claims they don’t know anything. But these photos clearly show … a squiggle in the sky.

UFO Doodlings

When photographic evidence wasn’t present, the Air Force often asked witnesses to draw what they saw. Here’s a drawing from one of their own after an April 1953 encounter, leaving a spooked (but ultimately unharmed) pilot who claimed the craft swooped in a semicircle behind his plane. The military reported that whatever he saw at Stead Air Force Base near Sweetwater, NV, was one of the few legitimately interesting cases they’d seen up to that point in their investigation—it didn’t have an explanation.

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