11 UFO Photos Unearthed From the Air Force’s Vaults

The Air Force conducted an official investigation on UFOs from the 1940s to the 1960s. They found a bunch of blurry photos.

Kenneth Arnold’s Drawing of a UFO

In the post-war years in America, UFO sightings became so common that they warranted an entire U.S. Air Force investigation. Known as Project Blue Book, the mission stretched from 1947 to 1969. The information was available before, but only for those willing to schlep down to the National Archives. Now the archive has digitized this information, so you can see what the Air Force found. Above is the first drawing of what aviator Kenneth Arnold described as behaving like a “saucer skipped across water,” which the press termed “flying saucers.” Suddenly, everyone was seeing a disc shaped object in the sky.

Capt. Thomas Mantell Crashes his Plane Going After a UFO

In January 1948, Kentucky Air National Guard pilot Capt. Thomas Mantell pursued a UFO in his F-51. He didn’t survive the encounter with … whatever it was. Project Blue Book concluded that he’d gone after a weather balloon known as a Skyhook and lost control of his craft. At that time, the Skyhook was classified.

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