Frugal Living for Beginners: 10 Most Easy Changes to Make Today

4. Address Your Worst Spending Problem (Food, Transport, Entertainment)

Everyone has that one thing that just drains their wallet. Mine is definitely my membership to the gym, climbing wall, yoga classes and whatever other fitness pursuits I decide to try each month (snowboarding indoors is next!). However, I’ve adjusted the rest of my spending so that I can afford to spend my money in this way and on something that I really love.

For example, I switched to a SIM-only phone and pay just £5 (~$7) a month instead of the £30 I was paying on a contract. Similarly, I now eat a very healthy, whole foods diet that consists mostly of veggies, fruits, and nuts and beans. While I ate healthy in the past, my diet of meat and dairy was a lot more expensive!

Some people know that big events are the biggest drain on their finances (my mum can’t help but go crazy every time a holiday comes around!), so learning how to do events like Christmas on a budget could be so helpful if you know this is a hurdle that always gets you.

Find that big drain on your money, and decide:

Does that drain bring real value to your life, or could you live without it? Once you know the answer to that question, you’ll know whether you need to remove that big money-drain from your life, or to adjust your lifestyle to accommodate that thing you love. Makes sense, right?

5. Do Things From Home More Often

One of my best frugal living tips for beginners is to start enjoying your home more. It’s an obvious fact that you’ll spend far less money if you spend the weekend at home compared to out and about all the time, so trying to make staying in more of a habit is an obvious lifestyle change. Staying in doesn’t mean giving up your social life or the things you enjoy, either. You just have to get creative!

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